I have experience with both digital and print services.



If it's either a new identity or a rebrand, I have experience in various different branding projects. I can help you find a new identity that works with your visions.



Have a product that is looking for a new look? I have worked on different packaging projects. I always aim to give packaging it's own identity and to make it stand out amongst others, wherever it would feature.



Looking for a new magazine or book? I have done many different editorial projects and would be thrilled to help with your next editorial publication.

The design process.

01 Research

The first part of any brief is to research the company and the market that they are looking to attract.

02 Brain Storming

After research it is then key to brain storm ideas and different approaches that the brief could be taken.

03 Initial Ideas

From the brain storming, initial ideas are generated and will be used as proposals for the client. Initial sketches help show the direction of the ideas.

04 Concepts

From the chosen ideas, develop them into concepts that will be used as a client visual to show where the initial concepts may lead.

05 Development

After the client visuals and the input from the client it is now time to develop the chosen concept to meet the clients wants.

06 Finals

After development is finished and the project is ready for submission, a final client presentation will help fix anything that may be unsuccessful with the project. After this it is time to send to print!

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